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  • Bioanalysis Scientist

    Department:Chemical Science Dept
    Location:Suzhou Industrial Park
    Job Type:Full-time
    Location:Suzhou Industrial Park
    Job Type:Full-time
    Job responsibilities

    1. Develop LC-MS and LC-MS/MS methods for quantitative analysis of oligonucleotides in blood and different tissues to support PK/PD studies of oligonucleotides.

    2. Develop extraction methods for oligonucleotides in blood and different tissues to achieve efficient and stable oligonucleotide extraction.

    3. Quantitative analysis, metabolic product analysis, and stability analysis of oligonucleotides in biological tissues to support ADME research.

    4. Responsible for the preparation of daily biological analysis samples, LC-MS testing, and data analysis.

    5. Responsible for promoting the progress and technology transfer of projects developed in CRO.

    6. Write and optimize experimental standard operations for various parts of bioanalysis.

    7. Develop LC-MS method for characterization and quantitative analysis of PD biomarkers in biological tissues.

    8. Design and implement a series of in vitro experiments to study the stability of oligonucleotides, RISC binding ability, etc., to support platform research.

    9. Assist in preparing and writing patent applications, literature, and project plans.

    10. Actively cooperate with other departments to promote the progress of each project.

    Job requirements

    1. Bachelor's degree in Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or Biochemistry or related fields, with at least 5 years of industrial work experience; Or a master's degree in a related field with at least two years of work experience in the industry; Or a PhD in a related field.

    2. Have a deep understanding of analytical chemistry and a certain knowledge reserve in organic chemistry.

    3. Ability to independently analyze and solve problems.

    4. Able to independently and proficiently solve common problems with LC-MS, IPRP, and IEX. Having a clear understanding of relevant instruments and detection principles can solve the problem of related instrument malfunctions.

    5. Proactively plan, arrange, promote project progress, and prioritize the importance of the project.

    6. Excellent communication skills, English expression skills, and reporting skills.

    7. Having excellent teamwork skills, able to play a role and grow in multidisciplinary teams.

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