About Us

Our Science

Our Proprietary RNAi drug discovery platform, LEAD™,
Enable Us to Efficiently Develop Innovative RNAi Therapeutics
Advanced and Novel Hepatic Delivery Platform
Our proprietary GalNAc LEAD™ platform enables
safe, efficient and precise delivery of RNAi drugs
to liver tissue, at an international leading level
Ground-breaking Extrahepatic Delivery Platform
We have put great emphasis on the development of
LEAD™ platform for extrahepatic delivery, extending
the reach of RNAi medicines beyond hepatic tissues

Our Pipeline

Advancing RNAi Therapeutics Development
Through Innovation to Fill Unmet Clinical Needs
Our Fast-growing RNAi Portfolio Covers a Broad Range of Therapeutic Areas
Including Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Immunology-related Diseases, and Nervous System Diseases


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