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SanegeneBio is an emerging RNAi-based company developing innovative RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics driven by the cutting-edge delivery technology. Founded in 2021, SanegeneBio was propelled by a team of industry-leading experts and has operations in both the US and China. Since its inception, SanegeneBio has successfully established proprietary chemical modification platform, hepatic and extrahepatic delivery platforms, enabling tissue-specific delivery of a wide range of RNA therapeutics to efficiently knock down disease-causing genes. Our fast-growing RNAi portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immunology-related diseases, and nervous system diseases. Among them, our two RNAi drug have entered the clinical stage, and several pipelines are in progress simultaneously. SanegeneBio is committed to creating transformational RNAi medicines through striving for scientific innovation to address unmet medical needs worldwide and change the lives of patients and families.

Leadership Team


  • 2024

    • An RNAi drug SGB-9768 targeting C3 has been approved for Phase I clinical trial in New Zealand

  • 2023
    • Raised over $80 million in series A+ financing
    • SanegeneBio first RNAi drug SGB-3403 was approved for clinical trial in Australia and China
    • SanegeneBio and Orbit Discovery, Huadong Medicine enter strategic collaboration to develop siRNA drug
    • SanegeneBio and Innovent enter strategic collaboration to develop siRNA drug for the treatment of hypertension

    • SanegeneBio Suzhou was awarded Technological SMEs, China's Potential Unicorn company, Suzhou Unicorn Cultivation Company and Leading Talents of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Gusu District

    • SanegeneBio Suzhou obtained the certification of using the housing facility of laboratory animal and P2 laboratory

    • SanegeneBio Suzhou settled in the new site of BioBAY Phase III in Suzhou Industrial Park, covering an area of more than 3,500 square meters, including biology and chemistry laboratories, animal experiment center, etc

  • 2022

    • LEAD™ platform for extrahepatic delivery was established

    • SanegeneBio US headquarters moved to a new location in Woburn, USA

    • Nominated its first preclinical candidate compound (PCC)

    • Completed the first GLP study

  • 2021
    SanegeneBio US, SanegeneBio Shanghai and SanegeneBio Suzhou were established
    Closed its $12M Series Seed financing
    Closed its $40M Series A financing
    • LEAD™ platform for hepatic delivery was established
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