About Us

Our Science

Our Proprietary Delivery Technologies and Discovery Platform
Enable Us to Efficiently Develop Innovative RNAi Therapeutics
Advanced and Novel Hepatic Delivery Platform
Our proprietary GalNAc delivery platform has been enabling safe, efficient and precise delivery of RNAi drugs to liver tissue, at an international leading level
Ground-breaking and Innovative Extrahepatic Delivery Platform
We have put great emphasis on the development of unique extrahepatic delivery platforms, accelerating the breakthrough of key technologies, and expanding RNAi therapeutics to extrahepatic tissues

Our Pipeline

Advancing RNAi Therapeutics Development
Through Innovation to Fill Unmet Clinical Needs
Our Fast-growing RNAi Portfolio Covers a Broad Range of Therapeutic Areas
Including Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Immunology-related Diseases, and Nervous System Diseases


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