Sanegene Bio was awarded "Technological SMEs"

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the 3rd batch list of "Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2023 (Technological SMEs)". Sanegene Bio was awarded "Technological SMEs".


Technological SMEs is an honor, recognized by China' s Ministry of Science and Technology, which refers to small and medium-sized enterprises relying on a certain number of scientists engaging in research and development and gaining independent intellectual property rights and convert them into high-tech products or services to achieve sustainable development. This honor is a recognition of Sanegene' s excellent research and development.


Founded in July 2021, Suzhou Sanegene Bio Inc.(Suzhou Sanegene) was propelled by a team of industry-leading experts in the field of RNAi drugs, and dedicated to the research and development of innovative RNAi therapies. Based on the concept of "achieving a new breakthrough in RNAi therapeutics", Sanegene has successfully established proprietary novel oligonucleotide drugs delivery platforms to accelerated R&D process of RNAi drugs with differentiated advantages. Currently, multiple product pipelines are being carried out synchronously, covering cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immunology-related diseases, and nervous system diseases. During this period, we have applied several patents including delivery platforms, chemical modifications, and target sequences, continuously enhancing our independent innovation capabilities.


Sanegene will treat this honor as an opportunity to continue deepening technological innovation and achievement transformation to achieve high-quality development, and developing safe, effective, and accessible RNAi drugs as soon as possible to solve the global unmet medical needs, and finally contribute to national scientific and technological innovation and development.

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