May 19,2023
Dr. Weimin Wang, President of Sanegene Bio, was awarded "Sci-tech Entrepreneur of 36kr"

This year, 36 Kr, the well-known technology venture capital media platform, has launched a wide recruitment campaign for scientists, researchers, engineers, and industry experts, aiming to discover research talents who are the most innovative, potential, and most likely to create great companies of this era in China. After a series of systematic evaluations, 36kr released a list of "Sci-tech Entrepreneur of 36kr", which includes 100 science and technology entrepreneur. Dr. Weimin Wang, founder and chief executive officer of Sanegene, among them.


"There are still many challenges in RNAi development. We will realize full potential of RNAi technology and bring life-changing RNA medicines to reality." said Dr. Weimin Wang, founder and chief executive officer of Sanegene.


Dr. Weimin Wang is one of the industry' s leading oligonucleotide chemists with over 25 years of oligonucleotide research experience. Before founding SanegeneBio, Dr. Wang worked at Dicerna Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Novo Nordisk in 2021) as the Executive Director of Chemistry. His team pioneered Dicerna' s liver targeting GalXC technology as well as extrahepatic delivery platforms. Prior to joining Dicerna, Dr. Wang joined Merck & Co. through its $1.1 billion acquisition of Sirna, where he developed the world' s first lipid nanoparticle delivery platform for nucleic acid therapeutics. During his tenure at Dicerna, Merck and Sirna, Dr. Wang had evaluated over 500 external opportunities for nucleic acid drug discovery and delivery technology, and had managed numerous major partnerships including Eli Lilly, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Alexion, etc. In 2021, he was awarded "Science and Technology Leading Talents of the Suzhou Industrial Park".

About SanegeneBio

SanegeneBio is an emerging RNAi-based company developing innovative RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics driven by the cutting-edge delivery technology. Founded in 2021, SanegeneBio was led by a team of industry-leading experts and has operations in both the US and China. Since its incorporation, SanegeneBio has successfully established proprietary chemical modification platform, hepatic and extrahepatic delivery platforms, enabling tissue-specific delivery of a wide range of RNA therapeutics to efficiently knock down disease-causing genes. Our fast-growing RNAi portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immunology-related diseases, and nervous system diseases. SanegeneBio is committed to developing transformational RNAi medicines through striving for scientific innovation to address unmet medical needs worldwide and change the lives of patients and families.

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